Privacy Policy

This policy specifies how we use and safeguard any information that we collect about you, and from you. Our aim is to make sure that your privacy is protected.

Personally identifying information that we may collect

If you contact us you may provide us with your email address, phone number, name, home address postcode, preferences, or any other personal information relating to your enquiry. This information is classed as personally identifiable.

How we use personally identifiable information

We will use this information solely to answer your queries and any future communications we instigate will be for this purpose only. We will not use this information to send you marketing materials that you have not asked for (spam).

Non- personally identifying information that we may collect

We receive log files that record all visits to our website. Amongst other information we can find the IP address of our visitors, the pages they visited, the time they spent on these pages, and the dates and times of those visits. We can also find out information about the device that was used to visit our website. This information includes the type of device, the screen size, the operating system, and the browser. There are also a number of other minor pieces of information that we can collect about the device. None of this information can be used to personally identify any visitor.

How we use non-personally identifiable information

We may use this information in order to help us improve our website. It is very useful for us to have statistics about which pages are the most popular, and which hyperlinks people click on. We can gain this information from a statistical study of our log files.

We do not make any attempt whatsoever to personally identify any visitor, or, if we already have personal information about any visitor, we do not attempt to link that personally identifiable information to non-personal identifying information.

Transfer of our data elsewhere

We do not provide any information about our visitors to any other person and will not do so less we are legally obliged to, or if by not doing so we could cause loss or harm to ourselves or any other person.

Processing of information

We do not process inentifying information in any way.

Storage of information

Personally identifying information is stored on our computer system in an encrypted form. The only persons who have access to this information are those who are principal in creating and maintaining this website.

Non-personally identifying information is stored on the web servers of our hosting providers. This information is protected by industry standard hardware and software security systems.


We have no need of cookies at present and so do not use them. This situation may change in the future in which case we will print our cookie policy on this page.

Alterations to this privacy policy

We may alter this policy in the future as circumstances demand. These changes will come into effect from the date and time that they are printed on this page and so you are recommended to revisit it when you use our website in the future.

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